Branded ingredients with scientific backing for healthy aging

To provide more comprehensive benefits for the consumers, Lubrizol branded ingredients are aimed at supporting prevention and relief of age-related symptoms

As the population ages, a key challenge is to consider how to increase the quality and years of healthy life. Many nations are responding to this challenge by emerging and applying policies to indorse healthy aging. Furthermore, given the advancements in modern medicine and a keen focus on health and wellness, global populations are expected to grow significantly older over the next half century, giving new meaning and new life to the concept of healthy ageing. Consumers are therefore focusing more on preventative health and undoing past negative health choices. They want to take a proactive approach to managing health and are looking for products that protect their health for future years. While attitudes toward age-related diseases are a bigger concern among seniors, the concept of healthy aging affects consumer of all ages. It is all about embracing all life-stages and addressing specific health needs throughout the entire life journey. In this respect, nutraceuticals may have an exceptional positioning within healthy ageing. They can address nutritional needs of consumers as they are proved to be a good solution to support an active healthy lifestyle for consumers as a preventative approach.
However, despite bold moves in nutraceutical innovation the modern consumer is conscientious about scientific proof of the dietary supplements they are taking. Therefore building trust in nutraceuticals through established and health claim-validated ingredients remains necessary to support the growth of nutraceuticals in this space. Following this market demand, coming up with solutions for the healthy aging market is a current focus of Lubrizol Life Science Nutraceuticals strategy. Our aim is to develop nutraceutical ingredients backed by science that focus on adding nutrient quality to consumers' diets to support their healthy aging.  To provide even more comprehensive benefits for the consumers, our ingredients are aimed at supporting prevention and relief of age-related symptoms. By a wide range of science-backed branded botanical and mineral ingredients, we address the different needs of consumers as they age including solutions for bone and joint health, heart health, cognitive function, beauty from within and immune health.


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