New technical paper launched at the Online Infant Nutrition Event

Lipofoods launched a new technical paper on stability of PUFAs- and iron infant formula

The interest in infant formula products remains strong as rising birth rates and disposable incomes are chracteristic of the BRIC countries. Lipofoods will be sponsoring the upcoming Infant Nutrition 2016 online event which will take place on October 18, 2016. Among other topics, the evolution of infant formulation in terms of ingredients as well as its impact on current infant-feeding trends and child health will be further discussed. Infant formulas in order to be positioned as alternatives to breast milk must be iron-fortified to meet infant and toddlers nutritional needs.  By sponsoring the event, we got over 250 downloads from attendees interested in our expertise in microencapsulated branded ingredients to provide a competive edge to their formulas. We also disclosed our new technical paper on  LIPOFER ® superior sensorial value and control over oxidative deterioration of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) in iron enriched infant formulas. You can find and download the technical paper here:

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