Workshop on nutraceticals

Lubrizol Workshop on Nutraceuticals in Mexico

Lipofoods, the Lubrizol nutraceutical business, together with the Lubrizol Life Science Health team, held the first nutraceutical workshop in Mexico facilities on September 2019, leveraging their applications lab capabilities.

The objective of this Nutraceutical workshop was to help our customers strengthen their technical knowledge of Lipofoods microencapsulated ingredients while demonstrating their synergies with Lubrizol excipients for a successful development of different innovative nutraceutical applications. Participants shared knowledge on relevant topics for the nutraceutical industry:  David Padró, Lipofoods Business Manager, talked about Lipofoods core business based on microencapsulation and the benefits this technology supplies to different food ingredients including controlled interactions with other components, minimized unpleasant taste, enhanced bioavailability, improved stability and dispersibility in final formulas as well as controlled release of functional food active ingredients.In his presentation he focused on the microencapsulated minerals product line including the following branded ingredients: LIPOFER™ microcapsules (highly bioavailable and dispersible source of iron), MAGSHAPE™ microcapsules (highly concentrated source of magnesium), LIPOCAL™ microcapsules (highly dispersible and bioavailable source of calcium) and ZINCNOVA™ microcapsules (highly bioavailable source of Zinc).                                                                                                                Isabel Gómez, Lipofoods Marketing Manager, presented all the range of microencapsulated botanical ingredients highlighting the company´s latest launch CURCUSHINE™ microcapsules, based on a water-soluble microencapsulated curcumin with proven anti-aging claims for the beauty from within market, accompanied by a live demo to demonstrate the product´s superior dispersibility compared to free curcumin. She also discussed the benefits of microencapsulation applied to the following branded botanical ingredients: NEWCAFF™ microcapsules (sustained release of natural caffeine with a clean taste) and LIPOPHYTOL™ microcapsules (water dispersible phytosterols for a superior cholesterol reduction). Cristóbal Araujo, technical support and applications Latin America manager, Lubrizol Life Science-pharmaceuticals, complimented the theoretical session with a practical session which consisted on the preparation of several nutraceutical formulations including: chewable tablets with MAGSHAPE™ microcapsules, a syrup fortified with LIPOFER™ microcapsules, a long-lasting energy gel containing NEWCAFF™ microcapsules and an effervescent powder with CURCUSHINE™ microcapsules.  Through these formulations, Cristóbal, together with his technical team composed by Gabriel López and Ramón Garfias, highlighted the value of including Lipofoods microencapsulated ingredients in combination with Carbopol® for the development of leading performance nutraceutical applications with enhanced organoleptic properties. Customer comments were very positive, thanking Lubrizol Mexico and Lipofoods for the organization of the workshop and the presentation of attractive and innovative nutraceutical solutions for them.

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