Join the Nutraceuticals Division in the first Vitafoods Virtual Expo

In challenging times, the Nutraceutical Division of Lubrizol Life Science supports the Vitafoods commitment in keeping the global nutraceuticals community connected, inspired and energized.


With intelligent connection and seamless networking at its heart, Vitafoods Virtual Expo is an expansive new interactive event for the entire nutraceuticals community. In challenging times, we at Vitafoods are committed to keeping the global nutraceuticals community connected, inspired and energised. The Nutraceuticals Division has decided to join this virtual event to interact with peers, find new business opportunities and introduce the latest launches in the botanicals space: ASTAGILE™ microcapsules, a natural, stable microencapsulated astaxanthin with proven neuroprotective efficacy. The key innovation of the product is that it is an all-natural ingredient based on astaxanthin microencapsulated with other bioactive algae ingredients for enhanced benefits.
Due to its highly conjugated, double-bond structure, astaxanthin is unstable during production and storage. This causes loss of some of its biological activity, and significantly limits its use in nutraceutical applications. Microencapsulation provides a comprehensive solution to astaxanthin limitations as it protects and stabilizes the astaxanthin-rich extract of Haematococcus pluvialis, improving its benefits. ASTAGILE can be included in any dosage formats, such as tablets, capsules, and nutritional powders. Lubrizol also will showcase its CURCUSHINE™ microcapsules, a highly bioavailable microencapsulated anti-aging curcumin product and will be providing new data on the ingredient’s stability for beverage applications.

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